Industrial Rigging Services

From manufacturing to construction industries, large equipment and parts that need transportation first require expert rigging. Rigging is a service that secures items with straps, bracing, and reinforcement so that your large-sized precious cargo doesn't budge an inch while en route between one location and the next.

Whether moving large equipment and vehicles to an on-site location or arranging for new industrial equipment to be delivered to your facilities, you can trust General Steel Crane & Rigging to provide the secure rigging services you need for transportation and peace of mind.

General Steel Crane & Rigging proudly serves Lexington and surrounding areas.


Equipment Rigging Basics

Equipment rigging is essential to manufacturing, industrial, and construction industries. Riggers work closely with transportation teams to secure valuable large-sized equipment using the right combination of trailers, straps, and supports to ensure that each piece is safe and ready to move. Riggers also often work with crane operators to load and unload heavy-duty equipment from transport, as a great deal of lift is often necessary.

Equipment rigging services through General Steel are comprehensive, so your equipment is transported as safely as possible. Our riggers can also help you install and maintain your equipment, moving it from transport to your job site safely and securing it in a semi-permanent location.


Industrial Rigging and Heavy Lifting Services

What are the services involved in equipment rigging and heavy lifting? We can help you pick up, transport, and install equipment, one piece at a time, or take care of a large batch of heavy-duty equipment at once. Our team is ready to build a unique rigging services plan to meet your individual needs and the needs of your equipment.


Leveling ensures that your equipment is perfectly level and aligned when installed.


Anchoring ensures that your equipment is securely fixed in its new location and ready for durable, heavy-duty performance.

Plant Moves

Plant moves may require transporting several pieces of large-scale and heavy-duty equipment on multiple trucks. We will coordinate, lift and rig the entire contents of your plant safely.

Equipment Moves

Equipment moves are unique rigging jobs that require lifting and securing.


Our Specialized Rigging Equipment and Experienced Fleet Team

At General Steel Crane & Rigging, rigging equipment is one of the things we do best. We understand the need for expert lifting and securing services in the industrial, manufacturing, and construction industries. Our licensed operators and experience handling large-scale equipment and vehicles put us in the perfect position to handle your rigging needs with experienced ease.

Comprehensive Safety

General Steel adheres to strict and comprehensive safety protocols. We will build a lifting and rigging plan with you that covers your heavy-duty equipment needs from beginning to end.

Technical Expertise

Our licensed crane operators and rigging experts offer the technical expertise to handle any heavy-duty rigging task, regardless of equipment requiring transportation or installation. We will consider every aspect of the project, from weight and balance to delicacy and parts management.


Choose General Steel Crane & Rigging for Crane Rentals

General Steel Crane & Rigging proudly provides crane rentals, professional crane operation, and expert rigging services throughout a multi-state area. If you have heavy-duty lifting or rigging work that needs doing, we will not only provide the equipment. Our experts will work closely with your teams to build a comprehensive plan for lifting, rigging, and end-to-end safety protocols so that every stage of your heavy-duty project is handled with the greatest possible efficiency and safety.

If your facility or job site needs lifting and rigging services, contact us today to explore options and get a quote.