All-Terrain Crane Rental in Kentucky

If you have an upcoming project requiring heavy lifting, choosing the right crane for the job is essential. There are roughly three categories of cranes: truck cranes, rough-terrain, and versatile hybrid all-terrain cranes. Many clients prefer all-terrain cranes because they are maneuverable and efficient over pavement and uneven ground. However, there's more to know about all-terrain cranes than the name implies.

General Steel Crane & Rigging can provide everything you need to know about all-terrain cranes, including which model will be best for your lifting plans. Our All-Terrain Cranes range from 120 tons to 500 tons and offer more lifting opportunities on the tightest jobsites. Whether you need to reach higher, or reach up and over complex obstacles, our cranes can be easily configured to get the job done. We have multiple units available at our 4 regional offices capable of serving KY and surrounding states.

General Steel Crane & Rigging - All-Terrain Cranes - Kentucky

All-Terrain Cranes

An all-terrain crane crosses between a highway-capable truck crane and a maneuverable rough-terrain crane. Each has a built-in hydraulic boom with adaptive configurations for optimal lifting efficiency. All-terrain cranes come in a wide range of sizes, models, and load capacities, depending on which crane you choose. What makes all-terrain cranes unique is their ability to traverse streets, highways, and uneven ground. If you have anymore questions about our cranes,  please read about us.

All-Terrain Cranes Load Capacity

All-terrain cranes can lift anywhere from 40 to 1000 tons depending on the model you select and how the rigging is set up. Their hydraulic span ranges from 30 feet to 500 feet.

Common All-Terrain Crane Applications

All-terrain cranes are the most versatile crane design on the market because they can handle both pavement and uneven ground with similar ease. All-terrain cranes can take the highway between sites while also handling the uneven grounds of an unfinished work site. You can use all-terrain cranes for many different projects and lift plans.

  • Highway driving
  • All-wheel steering
  • Loose dirt and gravel
  • Site-to-site transportation
  • Compact and efficient
  • No road access
  • Unpredictable weather
  • Remote locations

What Types of Projects Are All-Terrain Cranes Best Suited for?

Unfinished Sites

All-terrain cranes handle paved areas easily but can operate on uneven or even loose ground just as well. This factor means your site can be graded, paved, and finished before you start lifting.

Multi-Site Projects

All-terrain cranes transport their built-in booms at highway speeds. Fast maneuverability on pavement makes it easier to transport your crane between multiple sites or throughout a large campus being constructed, expanded, or maintained without having to load the crane onto a trailer for transport.

Landscaping and Lifting in Natural Surroundings

All-terrain cranes are also ideal for spaces that will not be paved, like landscaped areas, or lifting jobs in more natural surroundings. This allows for far greater versatility in maneuvering around buildings, properties, and natural work sites without needing to clear the way first.

Why You Need All-Terrain Cranes on Your Job Site

Most of the time, all-terrain cranes will offer the most significant value to your projects. They are versatile, maneuverable, and can be taken on the highway for transport to and from your work site and between sites, so you only need to rent one crane for multi-site lifting projects. Unless you have a specific need for a truck crane or a rough terrain crane, an all-terrain crane is likely the best choice for your job site.

Choose General Steel Crane & Rigging for All-terrain Crane Rentals

General Steel Crane & Rigging is dedicated to top-of-the-line crane rental services throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states. We provide cranes in excellent condition, supported by 24-hour emergency maintenance and services. You can bring your licensed crane operator, or we will happily send one of our certified operators to ensure your project is completed with the utmost safety and satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote on renting an all-terrain crane for your next Kentucky project that requires lifting.

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Fleet Rated Cap Max Boom Max Jib PDF
Liebherr LTM 1400500197276Download
Grove GMK 6400450197259Download
Grove GMK 6300L350263121Download
Grove GMK 5250L30023069Download
Grove GMK 5175175161108Download
Grove GMK 5165165197105Download
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