Crane Rental Services in Cincinnati, OH

Cranes are undoubtedly a great addition to a construction site. They improve material handling, ensure faster construction times, reduce labor costs, improve safety, and more. Despite these benefits, getting suitable rental services in Cincinnati, OH, can take time and effort.

However, with General Steel Crane and Rigging, you can rest assured that you'll get the right crane and operator that suits your construction site. Ready to take your construction project to the next level? Here's more about our crane rental services in Cincinnati, OH.

About General Steel Crane and Rigging

General Steel Crane and Rigging is a crane rental service in Cincinnati, OH, and its surroundings. Our services extend to other locations, with rental offices in Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Hopkinsville, Henderson, and more. Since 1966, we've provided the best crane rental services in Cincinnati, OH, thanks to our commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective crane services. We also strive to maintain our fleet to the highest standard and continue improving it with modern equipment.

In addition, we own various cranes to meet our clients' varied needs. Whether you need a forklift for lightweight tasks, a 500-ton all-terrain crane for big construction sites, or a truck crane for lifting solutions across different sites, we have the right crane to match your needs. Finally, we use the best crane brands in the market that feature renowned brands like Link-Belt, Terrex, Grove, Shuttle Lift, Broderson, and Liebherr, to name a few and utilize more than 60 highly skilled experts who are committed to offering the best services to all our clients.

Services We Offer

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, our primary focus is to provide the best crane rental services in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here are some of the cranes we have as part of our crane taxiing services for construction and project managers in Cincinatti, OH:

Truck Cranes

A truck crane is a crane mounted on a truck chassis for lifting and transporting materials in Southern Illinois.

It provides mobility, versatility, and efficiency on job sites.

Unlike other cranes, it does not require assembling and disassembling when moving between sites.

Truck cranes come in various weight capacities to suit different construction needs and can work in tight spaces, making them ideal for urban projects.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

Commonly known as off-road cranes, rough-terrain cranes are mounted on a four-wheeled undercarriage.

They have a wider wheelbase for stability and higher ground clearance for rugged terrain. These cranes also have four-wheel drive and power steering for easy maneuverability on uneven surfaces. They are ideal for tight spaces and large construction sites that require high load weight and boom height. Keep in mind they cannot travel on public roads, so they need to be transported to job sites.

Fortunately, General Steel Cran & Rigging also offers heavy machine transportation services to make sure your project is completed on time.

All-Terrain Cranes

An all-terrain crane combines the features of a rough-terrain and truck crane. It can operate on mud, uneven surfaces, and gravel, unlike most cranes. This makes it perfect for challenging and remote project sites in Cincinnati, OH.

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we have a range of all-terrain cranes to choose from. These cranes offer mobility, strong lifting capacity, speed, and efficiency, making them a great asset for your construction site.

Contact us and ask about our hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals to see which type of crane suits your project.

Why Hire Us

There are various reasons why you should hire our crane services in Cincinnati, OH, as your lifting solution. Some of these reasons include:

Diverse Lifting Solutions for Every Need

Our lifting solutions are not limited to crane rental services. We also offer equipment moving, gantry, and industrial forklift services as part of our all-around lifting solutions. Therefore, if your project requires these services, we have equipment that is suited to your unique needs, ensuring that you cut your costs, ensure consistency in the quality of service delivered, and save time.

Available When You Need Us Most

Our services are not limited to rental services for construction sites. We also offer crane rental for outage work and support for preplanning, critical lift planning, and onsite lift supervision and management.

Experience in Service Delivery

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we only utilize highly skilled and experienced operators in riggers to operate our equipment. We ensure they have a CIC or NCCCO certification, which is the basis of their excellent service delivery.

Rent a Crane in Cincinnati Today!

If you need crane lifting services in Cincinnati, OH, look at General Steel Crane and Rigging. With over 50 years of working experience, you cannot get any better professional crane rental service than us.

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