Gantry Crane Rentals

Rigging and lifting are not always towering jobs. Often, you need to lift weighted materials and equipment just a few feet off the ground in a busy work area. This is where gantry cranes shine. If your workflow does not always need heavy duty lifting, Gantry Crane Services makes it easy to handle your indoor/outdoor horizontal lifting needs without in-house hassle.

If you are looking for a reliable and expert gantry crane provider with or without skilled operators, you've found your match with General Steel Crane & Rigging.

What is a Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is a horizontal crane supported by two side frames. It resembles a sawhorse in design but provides an incredible lift for low-height projects where materials need to be suspended off the ground during operations. Gantry cranes range from the size of a small car to the size of a two-story building, but also uniquely take up far less space and contribute to a greater variety of workflows than any other type of crane.

Gantry cranes can be moved, adjusted, and perform in whatever low-height lifting tasks you require.

Types of Gantry Cranes

There are three primary types of gantry cranes. Each has its own benefits and operates best in different work environments.

Portable Gantry Cranes

Portable gantry cranes can be assembled and disassembled quickly. They can also be wheeled so they can be moved around a facility to provide a lift wherever a lift is needed. Portable gantry cranes tend to be on the smaller side for facility versatility. They are often used to quickly handle heavy materials and equipment in a high-traffic area and are easily stowed out of the way when not in use.

Adjustable Gantry Cranes

Adjustable gantry cranes are similar to portable gantries, but the design makes it possible to adjust both their height and base width for different lifting and loading requirements. Adjustable gantries are mainly used in warehouses, plants, and other industries where moving products through low and narrow pathways is required.

Motor-Driven Gantry Cranes

Motor-driven gantries, sometimes called power delivery, are used for larger outdoor gantry systems where heavy-duty lifting is a common requirement. These overhead gantry cranes are great when an overhead crane just won't work in the space and are often tall enough that motorized traffic can move through the arch.

Gantry Cranes Uses

Gantry cranes are used for a wide variety of purposes. Industrial gantry cranes are often used to lift equipment while it is being worked on. In warehouses, gantry cranes are used for loading and unloading extremely heavy materials and products. Gantry cranes can be used in manufacturing or smaller production workshops.

A gantry crane is a common solution for lifting materials in product fabrication and assembly, loading and unloading, and even pre-casting cement in larger paving projects. Small gantry cranes are often used indoors, while large gantry cranes may be used for large-sized equipment, vehicles, or construction.

Choose General Steel Crane & Rigging for your Gantry Crane Needs

Gantry crane services make it possible to schedule the lifting you need when you need it, even if your project is temporary. Suppose you do not want to invest in long-term gantry cranes but still benefit from their maneuverability and ease in low-height lifting. In that case, General Steel Crane & Rigging can provide the gantry cranes and trained operators you need for the job in Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio.

Enjoy safe and efficient lifting plans with a lifting expert on hand from start to finish. Contact us today to learn how gantry crane rental services can boost your business operations.