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Forklifts are essential to industrial operations in warehouses, large retail, and worksites. There is a wide range of forklift designs to suit every possible workflow. There are side-loader forklifts and counterbalance forklifts. There are forklifts for rough outdoor terrain and precise indoor work.

While powered industrial forklifts are often part of an everyday routine, you may have a specific project that requires temporarily using a forklift. If so, look to General Steel Crane and Rigging to find the industrial forklifts for rent that your project needs.

Importance of Industrial Forklifts

Industrial forklifts once brought on a transformation in goods handling. They solve a very important problem of moving crates and pallets of items or transporting heavy beams without risk of injury or accident when lifting by hand. Powered industrial forklifts can quickly and efficiently handle extremely heavy loads.

The fork itself provides even, steady support across the lower surface of the product and lifting power that even a team of strong employees could not safely replicate.

Our Extensive Selection of Industrial Forklifts

There are many types of powered industrial forklifts to choose from at General Steel Crane and Rigging.

We have rugged rough-terrain forklifts that can handle uneven ground while holding a load steady all the way to electric narrow aisle forklifts designed for navigating tight warehouse and retail indoor spaces. You can choose the best type of tier, whether your forklifts have a seated captain's chair or an operating panel or maneuverable turret forklifts that swivel to achieve more complex lifts.

  • Cushion tire forklifts
  • Pneumatic tire forklifts
  • Electric pneumatic tire forklifts
  • Rough terrain forklifts
  • Electric sit-down forklifts
  • Electric narrow aisle forklifts
  • Turret forklifts

The correct forklift for your job will depend on the environment, industry, and load profile of each lifting project. Pneumatic tire and rough-terrain forklifts are more suited to construction, remodeling, and industrial environments with uneven terrain, while sit-down and narrow aisle forklifts are well suited for confined retail or warehouse environments.

Benefits of Choosing General Steel Crane and Rigging

Every lift is unique, especially if you are planning a one-time project or event operation. General Steel Crane and Rigging takes the time to learn the details of your lifting needs. We work together with customers to build a lifting plan, including helping you to select the best forklift for the job. Among the many forklift designs and features to choose from, the best decision will ensure your lifting plans are completed without a hitch.

General Steel Crane and Rigging have the expertise and knowledge to understand your lifting requirements and make the best match. We also offer 24/7 equipment support and skilled operators if you don't have on-staff members trained in safe lifting forklifts.

Invest in the Best: General Steel Crane and Rigging's Industrial Forklifts

If your business, facility, or organization is in need of temporary forklifts on the job, General Steel Crane and Rigging can help you choose the ideal lift and build a comprehensive lifting strategy for optimal efficiency. Let us become your lifting partner to ensure that you achieve the best possible results for your next project. Whether you are migrating warehouses, stocking new inventory, or remodeling a wing of your facilities, having the right forklift for the job can multiply the lifting effectiveness of your team and ensure safe lifting at all times. We serve clients in Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio.

Contact us today for a consultation on your lifting needs. We are proud to be a part of your project and will do our best to ensure all on-site lifting is safe and successful.

Image Source: Vladimir Borovic/Shutterstock