Crane Rental Service in Southern Illinois

With the booming construction industry in Southern Illinois, the need for a crane is inevitable. They offer various benefits like increased efficiency, faster construction times, reduced labor costs, and more. Getting the right crane that suits your needs and one that can help you achieve these benefits can be daunting. 

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we're here to give you peace with our crane rental services in Southern Illinois. We have a variety of cranes that can serve both industrial and general construction. We also utilize OSHA-trained and NCCCO-certified riggers and operators to ensure you get the best crane services. 

Types of Crane We Have 

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we carry different cranes to suit our clients' varied needs. Some of the cranes we offer include the following: 

Truck Cranes 

A truck crane is a type of crane placed on a standard or customized truck chassis to combine lifting capabilities and mobility. With this crane, you can lift, lower, or transport materials in different industries across Southern Illinois and its surroundings. 

Its mobility capabilities also guarantee versatility and efficiency in any job site. Unlike other crane types, the truck crane doesn't need assembling and disassembling while moving from one site to another. They also come in different weight capabilities tailored to meet specific construction equipment. In addition, they can work in tight spaces, making them the perfect solution for urban construction and projects. 

All-Terrain Cranes 

An all-terrain crane is a hybrid between a rough-terrain and a truck crane. While most cranes operate in solid terrain, an all-terrain crane safely operates on mud, uneven surfaces, and gravel. This makes them an excellent fit for the demanding application and difficulty of various project sites in Southern Illinois. 

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we offer a variety of all-terrain cranes to choose from. They provide multiple benefits, including mobility, strong lifting capacity, speed, and efficiency, making them an impressive addition to your construction site. 

Rough-Terrain Cranes 

Rough-terrain or off-road cranes are cranes fitted on a four-wheeled undercarriage. It has a wider wheelbase to boost stability and higher ground clearance, allowing easy movement over rugged terrain. Besides having a four-wheel drive, they feature a power steering that allows easy maneuverability over uneven grounds, especially those with unpacked soil. 

Rough-terrain cranes are also suited for operation in tight spaces and for large construction sites that need cranes with higher load weight and high boom height. It's crucial to note that they cannot move on public roads, especially those with tracked treads or continuous tracks. Therefore, they need transportation to job sites, a service we gladly offer. 

Why Choose Us for Your Crane Rental Services 

There are all sorts of reasons why you should choose General Steel Crane and Rigging as your crane rental service in Southern Illinois, which include the following:

We Have a Wide Range of Cranes to Choose From 

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we offer a range of cranes to suit all our clients' needs. Whether you need a truck crane for light duties or an all-terrain to work in rough terrains, we have the right crane for you. Our cranes also come in different lifting capabilities. 

Ability to Work Across Different Locations 

Apart from offering crane rental services in Southern Illinois, we offer crane rental services across different locations, including Cincinnati, OH, Hopkinsville, Bowling Green, Henderson, and Elizabethtown, KY. We also serve clients in Southern Indiana and Missouri. 


General Steel Crane and Rigging boasts a wide range of experience gained from 1966 when it was first established. What started as a small construction company with only one crane has grown into a major crane rental service with all sorts of cranes to serve different construction sites. Our experience in crane rigging solutions has also ranked us 76th in the AC&T (American Cranes & Transport Magazine) Top 100 largest crane services in North America. 


At General Steel Crane and Rigging, safety is one thing that we take into priority. Therefore, we only utilize highly-trained riggers with NCCO (National Commission for Certification of Crane Operator) licensing. We also ensure that our riggers get ongoing training to meet the changing demands in rigging operations and are well-equipped to maintain optimal safety. 

Contact us Now to Rent a Crane 

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we strive to complete our projects as best as possible. As the best crane rental services in Southern Illinois, we're equipped to serve anyone across the state and beyond. If you're considering a crane company for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll gladly serve your needs.