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In a beautiful city like Nashville, TN, where infrastructure maintenance is a constant effort, a crane is often necessary to complete large-scale repair and maintenance jobs. Whether you are a contractor, property owner, or procurement agent, you know the importance of renting the right crane and working with a crane rental team that brings expertise and crane support services to the table.

At General Steel Crane & Rigging, you will find truck, all-terrain, and rough-terrain cranes, all operated by fully certified operators and supported by expert maintenance services.

You can rent a crane in Nashville for a few days or months, including professional lifting plans and on-site crane maintenance to keep your project on schedule, no matter how large the tasks may be. If you want to learn more about this information, please read more About Us.

Find The Right Crane or Lifting Solution for Your Nashville Project

What is the right crane for the job? Naturally, it depends on the size and height that your project needs to achieve. General Steel Crane & Rigging is ready to work with your team to build a custom lifting solution, including crane selection, operation, and planning for the right amount of time needed to complete your project. We specialize in three types of cranes, each appropriate for a different type of job.

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes are typically smaller and maneuverable enough for a very wide range of projects. Truck cranes are often used to expand or maintain smaller facilities or to take on specific projects that require more lift than your lifts can achieve.

All Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are ideal when the work requires road mobility and possibly work on multiple sites. All-terrain cranes are best suited for highway transport and can maneuver over rough and smooth pavement and some landscaped conditions.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-terrain cranes have three steering modes and tires built for offroad maneuverability. These large cranes are ideal for construction when the ground is not yet finished and paved and for clearing away disaster areas where there may be significant rubble or off-road work. They can also handle steep terrain and loose ground the best.

Crane Rental & Heavy Lifting Services Available from General Steel Crane & Rigging

When renting a crane from General Steel Crane & Rigging, you don't just get the crane. All our cranes are paired with an NCCCO or CIC-certified operator and a team of crane support experts to provide maintenance, guidance, and heavy lifting services. We can prepare a lifting plan for your project and carry it out if your team does not specialize in crane operations.

We will build a custom crane rental plan for each client to ensure you receive the heavy-lifting crane & rigging services that your project needs for optimal completion time and quality.

Crane Rigging & Safety Policy

We take our crane safety policies extremely seriously at General Steel Crane & Rigging. Our policies ensure that your team and our equipment are safe at every step of the project.

Equipment Safety

Our lifting and rigging equipment goes through periodic inspections by a certified Crane Institute of America inspector. We maintain our cranes and lifting equipment constantly and ensure that no crane is delivered with less than peak performance capabilities.

Operator Certification

Our crane operators are NCCCO or CIC certified to handle high-lifting projects with precision and expertise.

On-site Crane Estimates

We also perform on-site crane estimates to help you get the most accurate read on the size, type, and duration of crane rental your Nashville project will require. Our team can then stay on-site to ensure that every step of the estimated lighting plan completes safely and to your satisfaction.

We are proud to serve these and many more industries:

We serve a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Restorations and Repairs
  • Road Maintenance
  • Capital Expansion
  • Utilities

Choose General Steel Crane & Rigging for Crane Rentals in Nashville

General Steel Crane & Rigging is always honored to be a reliable part of Nashville construction, repair, and maintenance projects. If your upcoming project requires serious lifting on a large scale, contact us today to begin the consultation process.

We will gladly help you select the right crane or cranes for rent to complete the job and supply the lifting expertise necessary to get the job done right. As crane rental professionals at General Steel Crane & Rigging, your project success is our highest priority.


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