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Commercial building, expansion, and renovation projects often require over-the-top lifting. As a busy and growing community, crane rentals in Lexington are common, as many businesses require cranes to complete their projects efficiently and safely.

When you need a crane, you turn to a trusted provider and operator like General Steel Crane & Rigging—operating in six states, including Kentucky. You will find what you need, from efficient truck cranes to industrial all-terrain cranes, for your Lexington job site.

Find the Right Crane or Lifting Solution

Every job that requires over-the-top lifting is unique. While you need a crane, it may take time to determine which type is best for your project. General Steel can help you choose the right crane for the job and help you build a comprehensive lifting solution to achieve your over-the-top lifting steps in your project efficiently. Make sure to read more About Us if you have more questions.

There are three types and sizes of cranes to choose from.

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes are the smallest and most maneuverable type of crane. These are ideal for quickly lifting in a developed area and transporting between multi-site projects. Truck cranes operate best on pavement with limited off-road capabilities on flat ground. They are great for spot repairs, small-scale projects, and building expansions.

All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are larger, with more off-road positioning capabilities while still maneuverable on the highway. All-terrain cranes are often used for multi-site work where a large crane is necessary, but the ground has already been developed and is relatively level. All-terrain cranes are the most versatile option, with larger lifting capacities and the ability to deal with some rough terrain.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-terrain cranes are for undeveloped or unpaved work sites. They can handle lifting while on steep ground, roll over loose terrain, and even overcome small-scale obstacles with three different steering modes.

Crane Rental & Heavy Lifting Services

When renting a crane in Lexington from General Steel, you can shape your lifting plan based on your team and needs. Our team provides a full-service crane rental experience, including installing, maintaining, and repairing all industrial machinery and equipment.

We can help you plan your lifting solution and secure the right people to handle the job. We can also supply a skilled operator certified under NCCCO to meet your lifting plan needs.
We also supply full-scale crane maintenance, including specialized tools and 24/7 support to ensure that you stay on schedule and that our cranes provide reliable service at all times.

Crane Rigging & Safety Policy

When you rent a crane from General Steel, safety is paramount. We ensure that every crane is ready for a safe and reliable operation before it is delivered and will remain on point to maintain that safety throughout the project.

Equipment Safety

Equipment safety means regular maintenance, constant mechanics checks, and a full inspection before your cane is delivered. We provide on-site equipment maintenance to keep your crane in top condition and can provide a skilled operator to make sure every lift and worksite is safe while using large equipment.

Operator Certification

Every one of our lift operators is trained under the NCCCO or CIC standards to ensure your cranes are always in the best of hands. Our skilled operators will study the lifting plan and communicate clearly to ensure a coordinated and efficient lifting operation.

On-Site Crane Estimates

The safest lift is always done with the right crane. We will send someone to your site to help you determine the right crane for the job and whether you need a skilled operator to run the controls. We will build a comprehensive lifting plan that meets your needs and achieves superior safety when lifting on-site.

Choose General Steel Crane & Rigging for Crane Rentals in Lexington

General Steel proudly provides full-service Lexington crane rentals for all your commercial lifting needs. Contact us for a quote to determine the right crane and lifting plan for your upcoming projects.

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