How Does the Crane Rental Process Work?

Crane rental is a popular option for businesses and individuals who need temporary access to heavy lifting equipment without the expense of purchasing and maintaining their cranes. Renting a crane typically involves several steps to ensure that the right crane is selected for the job and that all safety measures are followed.

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How Does the Crane Rental Process Work?

Assessing project needs and determining crane requirements

The crane rental process typically begins with an assessment of the project needs. This involves considering factors such as the type of construction or lifting work to be performed, the weight and dimensions of the materials to be lifted, the height and reach required for the job and any other requirements or constraints that may impact crane selection.

Once project needs have been identified, the next step is determining the specific crane requirements. This includes selecting the appropriate type and size of the crane and any necessary attachments or accessories. Factors such as lifting capacity, boom length, and mobility options will all play a role in determining the right crane for the job.

At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we have the following types of cranes available for rent:

  • Truck Cranes
  • All-Terrain Cranes
  • Rough-Terrain Cranes

Finding and selecting a reputable crane rental company

Finding a reputable crane rental company is crucial to ensuring the success and safety of the project. It is important to research and compare different companies to find one that has a good reputation and experience and offers the specific type of crane needed for the job.

Once a company has been selected, it is important to communicate clearly with them about the project requirements, timeline, and other important details.

Scheduling and delivery of the crane

The crane rental process typically begins with a customer contacting a company to inquire about their services. The customer will provide details about the job they need the crane for, including the type of crane needed, the weight and size of the load to be lifted, and any specific requirements for the job.

Once the job details are confirmed, our team will work with you to schedule a time to deliver the crane to your job site. At General Steel Crane and Rigging, we have a fleet of machinery moving vehicles to make sure your crane makes it to the job site securely.

Crane setup, operation, and safety measures

Once the crane has been delivered to the job site, we will set it up and ensure it is properly positioned. This includes securing the crane to prevent tipping or falling and testing all controls and safety features to ensure proper operation.

We ensure all personnel involved in the project adhere to strict safety measures to maintain an accident-free environment.

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